Cruzio Internet now showing @ Nickelodeon Theater

If you go to the Nickelodeon to catch a movie this month, you may see the latest Cruzio Internet ad by It’s Great Media before the previews.

“We really loved collaborating with Cruzio Internet on this project, because we already enjoy both their internet and their coworking space at Cruzioworks,” says Emily Cohan, founder of It’s Great Media.

Cruzio created the concept, script, and stellar voiceover. It’s Great Media provided the music and produced the motion graphics.

Cohan continues, “We wanted something that was fun and hip, but also felt a somewhat techy, without getting into cheesy territory. I think the use of camera flying through this 3-d world of sparkley stars worked nicely with the music we used. Everyone was really excited about the final video. It was a wonderful project to work on.”

See you at the movies!

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