Calliope competes in TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES 2016 with video from It’s Great Media

CALLIOPE WATERWORKS is honored to announce that they are competing in TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield at CES 2016, with their first product. Calliope is a groundbreaking new IoT device that provides homeowners with real-time information about water use throughout the home and notifications when water is being wasted, including from leaks. Calliope is a single device that requires no manual calibration. The remote emergency shutoff feature allows homeowners to respond and limit water damage until they can return home.

Calliope kicked off their launch at at CES with a fresh new video from It’s Great Media on the Calliope website and their CES table.

See their pitch at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield at CES 2016:

TEDx Santa Cruz 2015 – a Great Success!

It’s Great Media had the great pleasure of animating the intro video and title motion-graphics for the TEDx Santa Cruz 2015. The theme this year was Radical Collaboration, and we collaborated with Beau Silver, a Sound Deseigner with Avid Technology, to create the event’s beautiful intro video. This year’s conference featured 23 wonderful speakers talking about topics ranging from crowdsourcing democracy to ecology practices in the Amazon.

This featured video is from Jim Tamm, speaking about “Living in the Green Zone.” This was one of our favorite talks exploring the real-life benefits of collaborating rather than competing.

You can see all the videos from the conference at:

TedX Santa Cruz - It's Great Media

TedX Santa Cruz Video by It’s Great Media

Santa Cruz is a place where ideas incubate, collide, and ignite. It is this pulsing of the ideas, creativity, and diversity of Santa Cruz County that forms the heart of TEDxSantaCruz.

It’s Great Media is sponsoring this years conference with some fantastic session and speaker introduction videos. Hope to see you all tomorrow!


TedX Santa Cruz Event Details:

Join us our fourth all-day live event TEDxSantaCruz 2015 RADICAL COLLABORATION Friday, April 24, 2015, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Rio Theatre, 1205 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz.

We’ve selected 23 speakers who will explore Radical Collaboration from nearly every angle, from civic engagement to climate change, from space exploration to self-exploration. We pleased to share with you the day’s schedule.

9:00 Welcome

9:30 Session I: GETTING THERE

Bruce Damer – Next:Space
Matt Beaudreau – It’s About To Get Uncomfortable: Education in America Barbara Rogoff – It Starts At Home: Letting Children Collaborate Ed Reed – There’s Nothing Wrong With You Accompanied by Lucas Hahn Bez Maxwell – Stranger Than Friction: Living on the Radical Edge


Mark Heinlein & Myles Forman – Beautiful Music
David Haussler – The Human Genome: Collaboration Is The New Competition
Dan Costa – Kismet: When Your Subject Becomes Your Collaborator Bansi Shah – The Future of Medicine: We’re Better Together Cecile Andrews – Can We Talk?


1:45 Session III: STORY TIME

Sarah Jane Murray – Write and Wrong
Flora Lu – Amazonian Imaginaries
Barry Sinervo – Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You: The 6th Mass Extinction
David Dennis – Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Elizabeth Murray – Garden Like a Lover
Ben Doerr – Musical Performance: St. Paul De Vence


Helen Mayer & Newton Harrison – A Counterforce on the Horizon
Tandy Beal – Heisenberg’s Principle: Dance Performance – Music by Jon Scoville
Christy Hutton – Playing To Our Strengths: Neurodiversity and Education: Brenda Romero – The Female Tax Ryan Amador & Friends – Musical Performance: The Spectrum


Jim Tamm – Living In The Green Zone
Robert Singleton – CrowdSourcing Democracy Bruce Damer – In the Beginning

4:30 Closing

Cruz Cares Santa Cruz Pitch Contest - Video Prize It's Great Media

Video Prize from It’s Great Media added to Cruz Cares Pitch Contest

Cruz Cares and It’s Great Media announce a fully-produced explainer video from It’s Great Media will be added to the impressive list of prizes for the impact-focused pitch contest. Two runners up will also receive smaller videos from It’s Great Media.

Cruz Cares is a pitch contest for established regional businesses or nonprofits focused on a social or environmental issue to pitch their solution with the chance to win seed funding, a video from It’s Great Media, media coverage, and community support.

“One of It’s Great Media’s goals for 2015, is to donate some of our wonderful talent and services to give back to the community,” says Emily Cohan, founder of It’s Great Media. “We see how CruzCares can help make Santa Cruz a central hub for impact related business, since our area is a great community with a wealth of entrepreneurial spirit, technological advancement, and people who truly care about one another and the world.”

Cruz Cares is “The event that launches regional social entrepreneurship in Santa Cruz County, inspiring action for social and environmental progress,” says Janneke Lang, founder of the Inspiring Enterprise and Cruz Cares.

The “First Place Winner” will receive a $5,000 cash prize, a full-produced explainer video from It’s Great Media ($7500 value), and pro bono technical assistance.

The “Second Place Winner” will receive a $3,000 cash prize and a short video logo intro video from It’s Great Media ($400 value).

The “Third Place Winner” will receive a $2,000 cash prize and a short video logo intro video from It’s Great Media ($400 value).

CruzCares website:

It’s Great Media website:

Junk Art Scramble – Sizzle Reel that Totally Sizzles

What do you get when you pit two teams of wildly talented artists against each other to make art out only recycled materials? You get the Junk Art Scramble. It’s Great Media has produced a beautiful, well-edited sizzle reel for the shows latest bid to major cable networks.

“We were excited to be hired on to create a sizzle reel for this fantastic reality TV show. I love the concept of pitting artists together and getting and making actual art,” says Emily Cohan, founder of It’s Great Media. “It’s Great Media was able to take existing footage from the show pilot, and edit it together into a sizzle reel that presents the show in an inspiring and exciting way to the viewer.

Help make the Junk Art Scramble a reality by liking their Facebook page and sharing the sizzle reel with your friends. Thanks!

LidFlush – Toilet Flushing of the Future

He wants the seat up. She wants the lid down. It’s a common problem in modern day relationships. Is there a solution? Introducing LidFlush! It’s Great Media has produced a fantastic new  Indiegogo campaign video for LidFlush.

“When the founders of LidFlush approached It’s Great Media for their Indiegogo campaign video, we thought the challenge was to make this funny without being too cheesy or offensive,” says It’s Great Media founder, Emily Cohan. “We enjoyed every part of the process of this video, from the music selection to directing our wonderful actors and videographers.”

The video received praise from investors and other founders in the start-up community.

More info can be found at:

Make your startup explainer video awesome - It's Great Media

7 Ways to Make Your Startup’s Explainer Video More Awesome

1.Keep It Short

Most videos should be 1-2 minute videos. Time is very valuable to both customers and investors, so keep your message concise, relevant, and interesting.

2.Pay Attention to Tone

If your startup has already developed a company tone, wonderful – you are ahead of the game. If not, don’t worry. We recommending taking an honest look at where you are at in your startup and where you want to be and use this to define your tone. For example, if you have a serious product, but you are only in prototype stage, you might not want to act like you are ready to take on large-scale clients, nor should you act like the product is a joke either.

3. Share What Makes You Excited

Are you excited about your startup? Why are you excited? Is it that you are helping a technology evolve? Helping customers in work or play? Are you being disruptive – and changing how things get done in the world? Do you do it better, faster, smarter? One of the best ways for people to relate to you and your startup is to convey the passion you have about your own business, and how that has turned into a product or service that helps customers.

4. Show Us Don’t Tell Us

I hear business mentors and creative directors alike say this all the time. Show us – don’t tell us. If you can, try to show actual demos of someone using your product or testimonials of how your startup transformed how they do business. Even showing photos of the product is better than just an interview of people from your company.

5. Get Feedback at All Stages

Get feedback from others – whether from peers, friends or family – during the entire process. Getting feedback can help you shape how you tell your company story effectively, and help you decide how you want to produce the video. That being said, you should also make sure to go with your gut and don’t listen to advice that does not sit right with you.

6. Make It Move

If you use any titles or powerpoint slides, make them move gently if you can. This can be a gentle zoom or fade in. It hurts our eyes to look at static screens.

7. Use Good Music

You can find royalty free stock music clips on sites like AudioJungle and iStockPhoto. This is where we often purchase music for startup corporate video projects.

Have fun!

Have questions about how to use video for your startup? Send us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

Cruzio Internet now showing @ Nickelodeon Theater

If you go to the Nickelodeon to catch a movie this month, you may see the latest Cruzio Internet ad by It’s Great Media before the previews.

“We really loved collaborating with Cruzio Internet on this project, because we already enjoy both their internet and their coworking space at Cruzioworks,” says Emily Cohan, founder of It’s Great Media.

Cruzio created the concept, script, and stellar voiceover. It’s Great Media provided the music and produced the motion graphics.

Cohan continues, “We wanted something that was fun and hip, but also felt a somewhat techy, without getting into cheesy territory. I think the use of camera flying through this 3-d world of sparkley stars worked nicely with the music we used. Everyone was really excited about the final video. It was a wonderful project to work on.”

See you at the movies!

Why your startup needs a video - It's Great Media

5 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Video NOW

1. Video gets your best pitch forward EVERY TIME

2. Investors & customers look for videos FIRST on your site to get to know you and your company

3. YouTube currently #2 most used search engine

4. Boosts your SEO on other search engines

5. Video essential when crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter

Stay tuned – tomorrow we will be posting about ways you can make your startup’s explainer videos even more awesome.

Have questions about how to use video for your startup? Send us an email – we’d love to hear from you.