We only work with companies we believe in.

Why? Because when we’re excited about you and what you are doing, that shines through in our work and every interaction with your team. That means we write scripts designed to break new ground. We create motion graphics designed to specifically educate your viewers on the valuable visions you have to share. We want to help YOU change the world, starting with our complete and total belief in you.

So, what kinds of companies do we believe in?

We believe in companies that put people and the place we live in first. Companies that inspire and empower. People who see the future as being full of great possibility. People who see the value in marketing themselves honestly. We believe in companies that are making the world a better place. Who are willing to break the mold if it means being a shining example of what is possible. Those brave enough to keep looking on the inside to invite change on the outside. Those who want to “do good” and make plenty of money at the same time, and the ones successful enough to follow through on their visions.

Are you ready to show the world why we believe in you?

It’s Great Team

Emily Cohan – Creative Director, Founder

Emily Cohan - Founder - It's Great MediaEmily comes with a fresh, easy to work with personality. She brings a sense of joy and optimism to every production. She also is able to bring forward the unique vision that her clients hold, delivering a remarkable level of aesthetics and production values along the way. The consensus from her clients is that they love her work, and want to use her design sensibility and project management on anything they can possibly hire her for.

Emily began design and production at a young age, coming from a long line of creative entrepreneurial professionals. She has a Bachelors in Public Health from John Hopkins University, and has spoken at events like the DSE2013 and Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup about video content. She continues to connect the dots between social good, art, and business, in a way that is nothing short of amazing.

Marie Brayman – Office Manager

We are pleased to announce Marie Brayman as our new Office Manager! We will be adding Marie’s bio soon.